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 Our application paperwork is readily available to print online. Spots do fill up quickly so please schedule a tour as soon as possible. 

After filling out the application, we will need the child's birth certificate, up to date shot records and a parish form. Depending on the grade that you are enrolling for, an exam will also be taken to get approved for admissions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Mrs. Vazquez at (405) 636-6800 or


Tuition 2024-2025 

Pre-K2 to PreK4: $8500 per student *Supporting Parishioner Discount $500 per student  

Supporting Parishioner Discount is for registered families of St. James Catholic Church, who regularly attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation, use collection envelopes on a regular basis and are actively involved in parish service. 


Enrollment Fee: $250 per child due at the time enrollment is submitted. (non-refundable)

Scholarships and more are available based on income and qualifications. 

Step 1

Schedule a Tour

After reviewing our website, please proceed to schedule a personalized tour with our Principal. Call (405)636-6810 or schedule appointment online.
*If possible, It is preferred both parents attend

Step 2

Submit an Application

The online application includes student information, family information, and a $350 non-refundable application fee. These applications can be printed online or picked up in the school office. 

Step 3

Placement Testing

All applicants are required to complete placement testing  administered by an educational administrator. Our principal will coordinate the testing date and time. 
*This applies to 2nd grade students and up.

Step 4

Attend a Family Interview

Once the following steps are completed, a family interview will be scheduled with our principal to go over any final questions as well as the decsion for admission.

Step 5

New Parent Orientaion

Once a student is granted acceptance and the enrollment process is completed, you will be notified of our New Parent Orientation night, which is held on an evening in August.

Schedule A Tour


  • How can I apply for a scholarship?
    You can apply for a scholarship by turning in a scholarship application. These will be located in the school office. Contact the secretary to ask for a form.
  • Where can I find important dates for the school year?
    You can find all important dates by clicking on the parents tab and locating all school calendars in that tab.
  • Where can I purchase school uniforms?
    Dress uniforms can be purchased through Dennis Uniforms. Every day uniforms can be purchased through anywhere uniforms are sold. Pre-k 2 - 4 require the St. James Stars T-shirt (can be purchased through the school) and navy pants, shots or skirts. Kindergarten to 4th grade and below are required to wear navy pants, shorts, or skirts with a red or white polo shirt. 5th grade and up require a navy and white polo shirt with khaki pants, shorts and skirts.
  • What is an FAQ section?
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