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Our Faith

Getting to pray and teach the word of the Lord is something that we do not take for granted. Our school values align with what our parents instill in their families at home. We provide religion class for all grades. Students are also able to receive the sacraments while attending school. We look forward to the preparation of our students for these milestones in their faith.




Pre - Kindergarten 2,3, and 4 all work towards preparing your student for school. These classes focus on their fine motor skills as well as social development. Learning through play and exploring! Classes do fill up very quickly and space is limited to allow teachers to be able to really focus on your child's needs. 


Pre - Kindergarten 2 - Students must be 2 1/2 years old and potty trained. Only 6 seats available. 

Pre - Kindergarten 3 - Students must be potty trained. Only 15 seats available. 

Pre - Kindergarten 4 - Students must be potty trained. Only 20 Seats availible. 

Kdg -5th Grade


These classes are the basis of your child's learning. Reading, writing, math skills, science and history! Once spaces fill for each class, a waiting list will be created. Our target goal for these classes is to make sure that your students base of education is solid to make education fun! 

Middle School

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Middle School is an important part of your students life! These years prepare them for high school and make the transition easier for them. Chromebooks are a part of daily lessons to teach the importance of communication between teachers and students as well as create an immersive learning style that will stimulate your student and excite them for more learning fun! 

Extra-  curriculars


Extracurriculars allow your child engage right-brain stimulation that encourage creativity. We embrace creative learning with as much passion as core classes.  We offer Spanish, Technology, Art, Physical Education, and Fine Arts. Students thoroughly enjoy and look forward to attending these classes that are also a part of their day at school. 



Our Counselor is able to work hand in hand with parents in any way necessary to provide students with important tools needed to succeed. Your child's feelings of emotional expression and guidance are very important and we make sure that they feel seen and heard. 

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